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Who we are?

Headquartered in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India since 2015, Getinz is on the mission to attain as India's premier Executive Search, Selection, and Recruitment Firm.


Why Getinz?

Unemployment figures are high and finding high calibre talent is difficult. This has caused shortage in the number of active job seekers.


The low candidate flow precipitates extended timelines that leave positions vacant for longer periods of time, which causes less than optimal productivity that ultimately costs companies and institutions lots of money. Coupled with the additional costs of hiring wrong people just because they are available, the real cost of making a hiring mistake can be catastrophic. Getinz will help to surmount this by successfully identifying and placing top talent with our clients. We do this with passion because we believe that the success of every company or institution is largely determined by the quality of its people.


"Our firm is staffed by experienced professionals that have a commitment and who are ready to serve our clients in an efficient approach!"

Our consulting team has massive experience and is amongst the largest in India. We provide services to leading companies and institutions in the country, and continually rededicate ourselves to our commitment to creating positive long-term outcomes for both our clients and candidates.

We focus on combining technology, returning human to resourcing, and delivering experiential service for our clients and candidates.

A variety of channels are used by Getinz to identify and recruit prospective candidates, assess them to ensure there is a qualification match as well as cultural fit and compatibility. They include confidential interviews and checking with references.

Over the years, our expertise in this arena has witnessed tremendous growth in the areas of eCommerce, Healthcare, Financial Entities, Engineering, Manufacturing, Video Analytics, Business Incubation, and ICT, among others. 


We envision an improved world where potential is maximized by the informed connection of people and opportunities.


Our mission is to nurture the discovery of opportunities and add value for clients and candidates by consistently providing superior HR solutions toward improved productivity.

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